Ceremony Photography and Guests

There is a growing trend with photographers asking couples to invite their guests to not shoot photos during the ceremony. Some even give discounts for it. Many couples are beginning to ask for an announcement to be made before the service starts about this.

In the past and in many religious traditions, photographing a wedding during the ceremony was and sometimes still is seen as inappropriate. Today with smart phone technology I really feel for couples. Imagine going through the most important day in your life, turning around and looking up after a kiss to a sea of cell phones and time cameras pointed at you instead of beautiful faces of your family and friends. It is unsettling.

Viewing life through “the box” is not the same as being present with a couple during this sacred time. It is also difficult to walk down the aisle with multiple flashes going off and your life being broadcast all over social media before the time to “seal it with a kiss” happens.

I suggest you speak with your photographer and ask them if they have a preference. It certainly makes their job easier and you stand a better chance of someone’s flash not going off at the same time as the professionals and ruining an important moment. Your photographer will be grateful you brought the subject up!

Then, let your officiant know so they can make a gentle announcement on your behalf before the wedding service starts!

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