It is Wedding Season!

It is so much fun supporting couples getting married. This year the venues have been incredible! Here are a few to explore.

At the Ocean’s Edge

When the bride told me the address and such for this wedding I did not realize it’s exact location. The gray house the the right in the photo at the corner of the yard next to the ocean. The lighthouse is the Eastern Point Lighthouse in Gloucester, MA. Stunning views. I had to speak loudly and protect my microphone a bit so as not to compete with Ole Posiedon’s kisses with the land!

At the Farm

Another fun venue I have been to before is the Smith Barn and the Felton Senior and Junior Houses at Brooksby Farm in Peabody MA. The venues is managed by the Peabody Historical Society and Museum. Weddings are held in the back yard of the houses in a sweet courtyard area. Receptions are held in the Smith Barn across the Street.

Boston Public Library

One final venue was at the Boston Public Library in downtown Boston. I had never been to the library even though I am an online member. The courtyard is in the center of the library. The couple worked with a wedding planner for about a year and a half. A huge shout out to Ashley Elaine Events for a well coordinated event. I look forward to seeing the professional photos taken.

Many more places to explore the rest of the summer into the fall. All different and all lots of fun for guests and the couples alike.

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