Fun Weddings & More to Come!

Time flies so fast and I have not been able to acknowledge the fabulous couples I worked over the past few months. Each wedding was unique, fun and brought an appreciation for how important crafting a ceremony is. All of these couples are gifts to one another. May they all be blessed in their futures.

IMG_5018An Intimate Circle in the Backyard
Cathy and David were schedule to get married when life happened. We had to get things done in a specific time frame. Their wedding included close family and friends in the backyard of their home. We set a chair up for them to be eye to eye loving one another.

Liz.KeanOverlooking Boston
From the ballroom on top of the Millenium Hotel near Faneuil Hall. Liz and Kean love Boston and the surrounding area from the North Shore on into the city. Their wedding was traditional and filled with fun loving spirits!


By a Harbor Filled with History
Christen and Eric stood at the compass rose at the House of the Seven Gables for their special day. The gardens were in bloom and stunning on a hot summer day and gentle sea breezes were blowing.


A Wedding in a Castle
It was a beautiful day for Da and Yen-Wei at Brookline’s Alden Castle. Wedding planner Sarah Parlos of One Fine Day set up the details for this busy couple. With a translator present, this couple’s dreams was created. Photo by Xu Liu Photography.


On the Public Commons
James and Jessalyn chose the weekend of the Fourth of July to marry on Salem Commons. Guests rode on the Salem Trolley to their reception at Colonial Hall. Their children served as maid of honor and best man. A great kick off to the holiday weekend!


Live Streamed Wedding to Wisconsin
Kelly and Tom had some guests who could not travel to their weddings. What to do? Set up a iPhone and put it on Facetime! So from the House of Seven Gables this couples family could be there. A wedding filled with their love of the outdoors and lots of love.


One of America’s Historic Hotels
Nick and Lindsay picked The Hawthorne Hotel for their wedding. It is listed as one of the most historic hotels in the country and their superb attention to detail was incredible. With a science and literature as this couple’s guideposts, we created a wedding that was special for them.


An Evening by the Ocean
Family is one of the most important things to Tara, Laurent and their children. So all of them along with their parents gathered  at this beautiful seaside setting North of Boston on a twilight evening. Loving words were spoken in Spanish, French and English bringing a special intimate space.


A Scottish Handfasting
Handfastings are a traditional wedding  from pre-Christian times in Europe. Leah and Mike have a love of all things Scottish and wanted this tradition for their ceremony at the Emerson Inn in Gloucester. They honored their ancestors,  Celtic mythologies and being Anam Cara for each other.


With Family Gathered
Linda and Demetria wanted a low key, sweet and simple afternoon wedding. Gathered in the yard of a brother’s home, their recited the vows they wrote with their immediate family. Then all present toasted them with champagne and lots of delicious food was laid out for feasting.

Armando.MelanieSurprise! It’s a Wedding!
Melanie and Armando wanted a fun backyard surprise wedding. So they told their guests they were having a birthday party. The guests were of course surprised and at the same time not. They wanted a ceremony that included their children as a blended clan. Very moving!


Let’s Have Fun!
No other word describes this couple than fun does. Steph and Mark wanted to laugh a lot, keep each other guessing and celebrate. The back drop of the Lyman Estates in Waltham granted the perfect space for their outdoors ceremony. No serious talk, just love and celebrating!

SouDerrick181A Military Wedding
Sou and Derrick first contacted me from Hawaii where they lived while Derrick was on duty there as an Air Force pilot. Their wedding was to include walking under a saber arch and the adventure of life. The backdrop of Misslewood in Beverly along the Atlantic Ocean allowed for much fun.


Let’s Talk Themes
October in Salem, Massachusetts always brings out the fun. The two women who got married on this day certainly created one of the most intimate and stunning affairs for the month I have ever seen at the Hawthorne Hotel. Every tiny detail set the mood for the season and a playful start for their marriage.


Down Home & Spiritual
This title describes Amanda and Scott totally. Easy going and clear about the feeling they wanted people to have at their wedding. The words they wanted would describe the exquistness of being married and the happiness that one brings to it when one is aware and awake to what they have together.

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