Fun Weddings & More to Come!

Time flies so fast and I have not been able to acknowledge the fabulous couples I worked over the past few months. Each wedding was unique, fun and brought an appreciation for how important crafting a ceremony is. All of … Continue reading

How Fun Wedding Season is!

Congratulations Rodela and Jonas!

Congratulations Rodela and Jonas!


In Muslim traditions garlands are bestowed upon the couple. They were so beautiful and smelled so incredible.

Wedding season has begun for me this year. In April I had the honor of supporting a lovely couple who had taken a journey through many countries for many years before getting married. It was a wonderful opportunity to expand my own knowledge and bring compassion and the love of my craft to the forefront. She was from Bangladesh and the US and he was from Belgium. A multi-cultural and multi-religious collective desiring a non-denominational ceremony. Working with the couple and family members we created a beautiful ceremony enjoyed by all.

in writing the ceremony, we put important pieces in to place to honored the brides roots. A family friend led the placing of floral garlands made of carnations around the couples necks. Two young cousins brought the garlands forward to the stage. Next, another cousin brought a cup forward of a sacred juice for the bride and groom to drink from. After the ceremony, various friends and family members came forward offering prayers and stories. This ceremony was incredibly beautiful and the couple left for new adventures in Singapore a few days later.

What will you need to incorporate into your ceremony to honor your family and cultural traditions? Let me know! Together we can craft any ceremony you dream of having!